These painful sores tend to appear on different parts of the mouth – lips, inner cheek, and even on the gums. They are quite irritating, not to mention, difficult to treat. There really isn’t any conclusive proof of what’s causing these things – so you can’t really blame your discomfort on this and that. But they still happen, and you need to do something about them!

They mess up your day – because the thought of food puts you off, even water tends to hurt! And in the unfortunate case where they get infected, you are in for quite a bit of antibiotic pills!

So instead of letting it gravitate to quite that stage, let’s take a look at…

7 canker sore home remedies that actually work!

Some of them give you relief; others speed up the healing process…

  • Salt rinse

Salt is a natural disinfectant, and a warm salt rinse can actually help to reduce the inflammation as well as the pain.

Take a cup of warm water; dissolve a tsp of salt in this. Use it to rinse the mouth, especially the area around the canker sore.

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  • Apply salt

To increase the disinfectant action – and also to greatly speed up the process of your mouth healing itself, do this:

  • Take a pinch of salt on your fingertip and apply it over the canker sore.

Be prepared though – this will BURN! And quite a bit… But once the burn’s subsided, you at least know that the sore will heal sooner.

  • Aloe Vera

This not only soothes the pain, but also helps the sore to heal sooner. You can either use aloe juice as a rinse, or apply the gel from the inner leaf directly onto the sore.

Do this a few times a day to speed up the healing.

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  • Baking soda

Baking soda can also be applied for quicker healing. It isn’t as painful as capsaicin or salt, but at the same time, it isn’t as potent as those as well.

But even then, to speed up healing, you could apply some of this over the canker using your fingertip or a q-tip.
With repeated use, you will see results!

  • Cayenne

Cayenne pepper is pepper in a powdered form. It contains a substance called capsaicin (incidentally this is what makes chilies hot). Capsaicin or cayenne pepper, to be more precise, can also be applied directly to the canker.

Take some on a q-tip and apply on the sore. It will again feel like someone’s just started a fire inside the sore, but eventually it dulls the pain and desensitizes the area temporarily. 

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  • Sage

Sage works much like Aloe Vera in healing and soothing. But first you need to make the sage rinse:

  • Take a pint of boiling water.
  • Add to this 3 tsps of sage leaves.
  • Allow to steep for 15 minutes.

Cool this ‘tea’ and use to rinse the mouth a few times a day.

  • Ice

Ice dulls and numbs all pains. And the same holds true with canker sores as well. When the pain gets really bad, hold a chunk of ice over it. It will just numb and desensitize the area.

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So, now that you are armed with the know-how of these 7 canker sores home remedies – let’s make a pledge to take action at the first sign of another sore. And that way you can say goodbye to the pain and discomfort for good!

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