Toothache can be one of the most nagging of all pains in the body. Any other pain you can probably ignore after you’ve told yourself that ‘pain is a state of mind’! But you can bet that the throbbing ache that you feel in case of tooth problems isn’t so easily ignored!

In the long term, aching teeth can seriously disrupt your day and schedule as well! Now, such a teeny little part of your body – and that’s how much havoc it can wreak!? Well, may sound absurd to those on the other side of the fence (those who’ve never felt the ‘sweet pain’ of an aching tooth!) but those of us who’ve “been there done that”, know exactly what it is like!


Now, you cannot possibly let this aching tooth get the better of you, can you? Something must be done, and done fast, so that you can be pain free. There are of course over-the-counter pain killers that would banish the pain. But then maybe it is a better, and a healthier idea, to try home remedies first? After all, they are natural and don’t involve drugs!  

So, to bring you good news then…

Home remedies for toothache exist!

That’s right. There are quite a few home remedies that can naturally soothe the pain, or numb the aching nerve, or reduce inflammation (if that’s causing the pain). In fact some of the ingredients of home remedies (like clove oil, for instance) are also used by your dentist… Haven’t you ever noticed the clove-y smell you get in the dentist’s chamber?

Home remedies also include better (if not impeccable) dental hygiene! And of course, when home remedies aren’t able to bring down the pain in the long run – it is advisable you call up your dentist and get yourself an appointment!

Now, in addition to the general aching tooth problem, there are a few other conditions that require a slightly different (or similar) outlook…

You could have very achy teeth during pregnancy!

You read that right! Pregnant women are usually said to be far more prone to gingivitis and gum disease. Swollen gums and painful and weak teeth are actually expected! If you were wondering why, it is usually because of the hormones that are going seriously topsy-turvy in your body!

The best way to deal with the problem? Accept you’re pregnant and get on with dealing with the pain in the tooth! But that poses another problem – not all of the meds you can take are good for your baby… So what do you do? Why, go for safe and natural alternative remedies instead!


The other scenario we wanted to warn you about is…

Toothache after filling

A tooth filling is almost always followed by pain in the affected area. But then, that’s expected, right? After all, your dentist just spent quite a bit of time poking around inside your tooth, very near the nerves that transmit sensations to the brain! In fact, the dentist probably told you to expect the pain – and that it’ll go away in a few days… And right he was.

But in the meantime, how do you stop it from wrecking your day or week? Try safe remedies that not only contain the pain but also help the tooth to heal itself properly!

And so far as tooth pain remedies are concerned, even the Red Cross takes note of how important these are and have come up with a remedial kit.

Now, do you need any other endorsement to prove that your distress over aching gums and teeth isn’t unfounded? The next time someone makes light of the situation – don’t take it to heart! Try out simple toothache remedies instead and be rid of it…

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