The thing about mouth ulcers is that they keep coming back – and you never know when, because for the most part, even doctors aren’t completely sure why they happen. So as a result, it becomes difficult – not to mention costly – if you have to run to the dentist or the pharmacist every time you have to treat mouth ulcers. Plus, you can’t just let them be because they are painful and irritating. When you have mouth ulcers, every mealtime becomes an ordeal, there’s difficulty talking and even the idea of food is enough to hurt.

Luckily, you don’t have to run to get professional help every time a mouth ulcer surfaces…plus, you can treat these little annoyances at home with these home remedies for mouth ulcers!

That’s right – treating mouth ulcers in the comfort of your own home with inexpensive and yet 100% effective methods… and we have brought you a whole compilation of —

10 Natural ways to treat mouth ulcers at home!
1.    Saline Rinse—

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Rinsing your mouth with saline water lessens the pain to an extent and gets rid of the bacteria that is responsible for the ulcer and makes it worse.

  • Mix a teaspoon of salt with warm water and rinse your mouth with it.
  • Hold the saline water in your mouth, and spit it out – don’t swallow.
  • If you’re out of salt try using baking soda.

Make sure to repeat at least 4-5 times throughout the day for faster recovery.    

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2.    Hydrogen Peroxide

H2O2 helps disinfect the sore, much like saline water. Here’s how to use hydrogen peroxide for the pain and infection—

  • Mix equal amounts of water and peroxide and rinse with this solution. Like the saline solution, make sure to swirl the water inside your mouth before spitting it out.
  • You can also pour peroxide on a cotton ball and dab it on the ulcer.

You can repeat the rinse and the topical application alternately.

3.    Ice

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Ice helps numb the pain and the discomfort… it’s a good idea to suck on ice chips. It’s even better if you can carry ice chips in a cooler or a thermos when you’re out for work. You can also drink cold water, and make sure to hold it in your mouth before swallowing. But too cold water can also lead to a sore throat, so be careful.     

 4.    Diet check

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It’s said that excess acid content in the body also causes mouth ulcers, so reduce the acidic stuff in your diet – avoid acidic fruits and drinks.

  • Stay away from colas and carbonated drinks.
  • Chew antacids.
  • Take a few drops of milk of magnesia on a cotton ball and apply directly on the sore.

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5.    Mouthwash

You can treat mouth ulcers with mouthwash rinse to cut out the bacteria. This will also reduce the pain and speed the recovery.
Always spit out the mouthwash after you gargle with it. You can also try –

  • Diphenhydramine suspension wash
  • Benadryl allergy Rinse    

And now for some more healthy inexpensive ways to treat mouth ulcer at home…

    Grate fresh coconut and gargle with the coconut milk you extract from it.

7.    Rinse your mouth with warm and cold water alternately.

8.    Boil 2 cups of water and add one cup of fenugreek leaves. Let it sit for some time then strain and gargle with this ‘tea’ 2-4 times a day.

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9.    Apply honey on the sores, it has antibacterial properties that will boost recovery.

10.    Mix one pinch of turmeric powder with 1 teaspoon of glycerin and apply this mix on the sores. This will help disinfect and speed recovery.

These are the most basic and cost friendly ways of treating mouth ulcers. And while we hope these home remedies for mouth ulcers will be enough to tackle your problem, if you find that the sore is not going away, then seeking professional help is the best solution.