Once you conceive, you expect to enjoy the glow of motherhood, feel blessed fully… and not feel the discomfort that’s a toothache! It’s a sad fact that pregnant women are more prone to swollen gums, gingivitis, and other tooth problems. And if you’ve been neglecting your dental care for long, then it goes without saying that a toothache is highly likely.

Usually #1 recommended for pregnancy toothache – natural organic clove oil

Too bad that you suffer from a toothache during pregnancy – for whatever reason – the fact is that caring for a toothache at this time is going to be tricky. For one, you won’t be able to risk your child’s health by taking heavy-duty painkillers – for another, there’s always the risk of infection, and that doesn’t bode well for your pregnancy either!

So what are the options that you have? And how do you relieve a toothache without hurting your growing fetus?

First things first, adequate dental care is mandatory – the health of your teeth can affect the health of the child growing within you – so regular …

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Checking with the dentist

…is going to be exceptionally helpful. If you have caries or one of your teeth needs to be removed, it should be taken care of by the dentist ASAP – if possible, within the second trimester.

And if you want to relieve the pain and discomfort – try the following…

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Pain relieving methods for pregnant moms!


  • You can take an over the counter pain reliever, but most doctors will not advice it, especially if you are quite far in your pregnancy. And should the doctor and obstetrician allow you some pain medication, be sure to follow the dosage correctly.
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  • Chew on a whole clove – the oils it releases reaches the tooth and soothes the pain naturally. You can try clove oil that’s available in medical stores, but too much usage of it can lead to nerve damage – and that’s not really good for your pregnancy.
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  • Gargle with warm water – it soothes the pain, and keeps any infection from spreading.
  • You can also try a hot or a cold compress.
  • You can also apply a topical cream that has benzocaine as its main ingredient. The same ingredient is used for teething creams for babies, and is safe to use during pregnancy.
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So these are the methods that are deemed safe to use when you have a toothache during pregnancy. We know that some things are beyond your control, but still, as dentists also say, if you give proper attention to your oral hygiene, you can bypass all these issues, and instead concentrate on a healthy pregnancy.

5 Home Cures For Toothache During Pregnancy
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5 Home Cures For Toothache During Pregnancy
Are you looking for ways to treat a toothache without harming the life growing within you? Here are 5 safe and effective methods to get rid of a toothache during pregnancy for you!

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