When you have toothache, the kind that leaves you feeling like you want to chop off your head altogether – just so the pain stops, you’re ready to give everything and anything a try. The first impulse is usually to ring up your dentist and get an appointment – but that doesn’t usually happen immediately. So what do you do in the meantime?

Analgesics can only do so much – when it becomes difficult to breathe due to the pain, the only thing that helps is a toothache reliever. But even then you can’t just try any and every pain relief (even if your impulses scream for it) – because it’s your nerve points that are going to be exposed to the treatment…and the slightest damage to any of the nerve points can lead to long-lasting damage.


What you need is a treatment that is universally accepted as one of the best – the Red Cross Toothache Medication, 1/8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

Photo Credit:bing.com
Photo Credit:bing.com

Not that we need to tell you about the RED CROSS organization…but surely you want to know more on what this toothache treatment is capable of?
The Red Cross Toothache Medication is meant for pain that results from cavities. And given that you can have cavities at any point of time, and at any age, having a pain treatment at hand does sound like a great idea.

And it only helps that this comes as a pack of six, so you can use the pain medication and have some left over for the future should you suffer from cavities again.

It contains—

  •  Eugenol 
  • Sesame oil

Both of these oils have long been used to treat dental issues, especially cavities and the associated pain.

And that’s not all, this is not just a pain reliever, but a pain medication kit, so you get the whole deal—

  • The medication
  • Cotton pellets ideal for teeth
  • Metal tweezers to hold the pellet and apply

Of course, with strong pain medication comes a certain degree of apprehension – but with this medication, as long as you follow the—

  • Dosage rules
  • Instructions on the label

You should be fine.

In fact, you don’t have to bank on just what we say…take a look at what customers who have already used this pain medication have to say…they will be the best guides when it comes to you choosing whether you will get this toothache medication or not—

This Pain Reliever works!

“I have had some of the most unimaginable tooth pain, the type of pain where you want to chop of your head just for it to stop. Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, none of those worked! I went to the drug store in painful desperation; I could barely talk and begged the pharmacist do help me. She brought me to the dental aisle and suggested I try this.

When I got home I followed the directions and within minutes the pain was going away, the only difficult part was the taste. The taste is HORRIBLE, it seems like something that foul tasting isn’t meant for the human mouth, but if you are in enough pain, you’ll do ANYTHING to get rid of it.

Once I got past the awful stinging taste, I was relieved that the pain was gone, I didn’t think anything besides emergency surgery would relieve me. Because I don’t have any insurance and not enough money to see the dentist, this has been a god send for me until I get to the dentist to take care of this problem once and for all.”


But don’t be tempted to depend on this pain reliever too much, because after all, it numbs the pain impulse, but it doesn’t treat the cavity. You still need to visit the dentist for that.

Nevertheless, till the dentist can get rid of the problem at the root, you can always bank on the Red Cross Toothache Medication, 1/8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6) – and you can subscribe and save on this pack too!

So arm yourself with the Red Cross Toothache Kit and get relief from the worst kind of pain!


Arm Yourself With The Red Cross Toothache Kit For Relief!
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Arm Yourself With The Red Cross Toothache Kit For Relief!
The dentist won’t be able to see you for another day. Should you suffer with the terrible toothache? Especially if Red Cross provides relief?

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