If you’re looking up gingivitis treatment by laser, then it is best to get one important fact nailed – laser treatment is not for gingivitis per se. Rather, it is the next stage of the problem – periodontitis that can be laser treated. Severe gingivitis however, can be treated with non surgical, non invasive treatments.

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How to treat gingivitis?

The same principles of oral care that keep your mouth healthy also apply to gingivitis. After all, the root cause of gingivitis is also bacteria. So here’s what you can do to treat gingivitis and maintain gum health.

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  • Brush-brush-brush – preferably twice a day and with toothpaste containing fluoride. The latter helps keep the bacteria that cause plaque buildup at bay.
  • Floss and floss again – this will eliminate any speck of food particle hiding in the nooks and cranny in your mouth.
  • There are other treatments that you can try at home – without anyone getting to know about it.
  • You can also get your mouth cleaned at the dentist’s – the dentist can get rid of any plaque buildup through the process of scaling.

Once the plaque and tartar are done away with, you might see your gums returning to its normal state.

However, there is still some grave news – it is quite possible that your gum issues have reached a state where the dentist will need more than his regular tools. That’s when he will bring out the heavy machinery and drill the tartar out of your mouth…

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Photo Credit:bing.com

How to treat gingivitis that is on its way to becoming periodontitis?

First, you will have to figure out when the situation is really BAD – the pockets around your teeth go deeper than 3mm. The root gets exposed and if you leave it to take care of itself – sacrificing your teeth is your only option.

Surely you can’t flash your pearly whites if they aren’t there!

And tooth abscess is not a healthy sight – it is not even a sight anybody should have to witness.

So, you need to get to the dentist ASAP – and he will provide you with a laser treatment.
And what happens during this treatment?

  • The tartar and plaque are drilled away from your mouth.
  • The diseased tissue is ‘burnt’ away with a high power non invasive laser beam. Only the healthy tissues are left intact.
  • The laser treatment also boosts circulation in your gums, especially around the pockets so that your system takes the hint and works to regenerate new tissue. So you can flash your healthy pink and white smile again.

But to continue flashing your sweet smile, you will have to continue with your oral care routine…The moment you stop visiting the dentist, and go easy on the brushing and flossing routine – gingivitis producing bacteria will have a field day! After all, when the dentist is away – there is every chance that gingivitis will have a field day.

Hope this answers your queries on gingivitis treatment by laser…meanwhile… get an appointment with your dentist. Better safe than sorry!

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