There’s a lot you can do to get rid of ‘donkey breath’ simply by following a good oral regimen. And there’s a lot more you can do naturally…don’t just run to the dentist at the very first go. Try out the following methods of oral care…if you follow them regularly, it is bound to show in your ‘breath-o-meter’.

So here’s your initiation into the ideal dental care regimen…to get rid of bad breath naturally!

  • Brush your teeth twice daily – and don’t forget the tongue. Bacteria causing food remnants don’t just get lodged in your teeth and gums, they also coat the tongue.
  • Invest in a good toothbrush – replace it every few months. Also, get a tongue cleaner. Using the same toothbrush and tongue cleaner for ages is out of the question. If used over a long period of time, your brush and tongue cleaner will generate more bacteria than clean it!
  • Flossing regularly is a must. It gets rid of plaque – that’s the thin coating of biofilm or bacteria that causes your teeth to look yellow and your mouth to smell. When left untreated, plaque will become tartar and then you could suffer from gum disease like periodontal disease.
  • If you’re wearing dentures, then leave them in a denture cleaning solution overnight and wear them the next morning. Brush them first – you don’t get to go scot free just because you have dentures! The same amount of bacteria is prone to grow on your teeth as well as on your dentures.
  • Stop smoking and/or chewing on tobacco. Kick the habit while you can…because if left as it is, bad breath will be the least of your worries. And the smell of nicotine is highly unhealthy – it pollutes your surroundings immediately and stubbornly refuses to go away. If it can pollute the air, imagine how bad it smells on your breath!
  • Drink a lot of water – it will keep your mouth wet and salivated…so you won’t suffer from dry mouth syndrome. And if your mouth is well moisturized, the bacteria in your mouth will get naturally washed down.
  • Maintain a food log – check if you’re having foods that are strong smelling. Don’t hog the fish before a meeting! If you eat too much of strong smelling food, you are bound to leave ‘food fumes’ through your breath.


  • Go for regular dental checkups.  Nothing beats taking care of your dental health regularly.

Now here are a few recommendations from the experts!

  • For persistent bad breath try — 

  • To kick the habit of smoking –

But when the problem of bad breath persists, even with regular oral care…then bad dental hygiene is not the only problem leading to smelly breath. That’s when you should consult your doc to figure out what is wrong with your system. Meanwhile brush, floss and wash – bid adieu to bad breath!