How to get rid of mouth ulcers – especially if they are painful and refuse to go away? There are home remedies that you can try – but sometimes, these simple remedies fall short – that’s when you need professional help.

So here are your options (they are more like steps) when the home remedies for ulcers fail.
 Treating mouth ulcers step 1:

When you find that even after two weeks the sores remain as ugly and painful as they were in the beginning, it is obvious that the home remedies are not enough. That’s when you should get an appointment and hurry over to the dentist!

The dentist can shed some light on:

  • Whether the ulcer is really an ulcer and not something even scarier like tooth abscess.
  • Or if it is a rare type of oral cancer.

 It is best to have a regular check up with the dentist, because you don’t want the painful ulcers to come back. And you can say a permanent goodbye to your mouth ulcers only if:

  • You get your mouth cleaned and checked regularly at the dentists’.
  • Get your mouth scaled to get rid of any sort of plaque buildup that could lead to ulcers.
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Treating mouth ulcers step 2:

The dentist will probably give you a prescription for medicines. The following prescription medications are the ones usually recommended:

  • Fluocinonide gel (Lidex) – this corticosteroid can bring down the inflammation and the pain. But if you’re pregnant or nursing, it is better to steer clear of these. Also, if you have any autoimmune issues, the dentist will use a different form of treatment.
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash – is usually used to treat gingivitis, but also works well to stop mouth ulcers from wreaking havoc in your mouth.
 There are other constant measures of ensuring ulcers cannot take over your mouth – here are the secrets to keeping them at bay.

  • Make sure you ingest a good amount of the following nutrients on a regular basis – folic acid, B Vitamins, zinc, folate etc. Deficiency of these can cause mouth ulcers.
  • Diligence in following an oral care regimen – another secret weapon that can defeat mouth ulcers. So brush-brush and floss even more.

And we have already told you to have a regular ‘date’ with your dentist – these are the measures that will keep ulcers and painful sores away from your mouth. So now that you know how to get rid of mouth ulcers, it is time to unleash your pearly whites on the world!

How To Get Rid Of Mouth Ulcers – And Keep Them Away!
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How To Get Rid Of Mouth Ulcers – And Keep Them Away!
Don’t let painful mouth sores wipe away your smile. Reclaim your mouth and get rid of mouth ulcers once and for all!

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