You might miss the symptoms of periodontitis if you’re not carefully looking for them. It is not your fault for not being able to identify the symptoms early on…because frankly, the symptoms of declining gum health aren’t always prominent.
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Even so, if you have even the slightest inkling about your gum health declining – it is time to take the magnifying glass and go looking for…

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The symptoms of periodontal disease:

The following are the more prominent symptoms that you ought to watch out for.

  • See if your gums are bleeding, especially while brushing and even after.
  • Swollen tender and inflamed gums are also a telltale sign of this particular gum disease.
  • If you’ve been suffering from persistent bad breath and a bad taste in the mouth – even after following a diligent oral care regimen. It might even become chronic bad breath or halitosis
  • Receding gums that leave your teeth vulnerable and exposed to the roots almost.
  • Look out for deep pockets and/cavities between your teeth and gums – that’s a really bad sign.
  • And if your gums are so slack that you feel that your teeth are loosely fitted then you need to get your gums checked immediately.
  • You might even notice that your dental structure is changing – the way your teeth clamp down might change.

Once you pinpoint and identify more than one of the abovementioned symptoms – don’t look left or right – it is time to pay a visit to the dentist ASAP.

 And here’s another scary fact – there are habits, practices and medical conditions that make you more susceptible to periodontitis.

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Who are more at risk of periodontitis?

  • If you smoke a lot – that is if you are a chain smoker – you should just say bye bye to healthy gums.
  • Diabetes and other medical conditions can bring about a decline in oral health.
  • Hormonal changes, especially in women, can cause gum disease.
  • And then there are medicines (anti-depressants and heart medicines) that cause periodontitis – so even as you are trying to get rid of one ailment, get ready for another!
  • People who are genetically susceptible to infection are also prone to gum problems.
  • And, if you are constantly stressed – you might also have to suffer periodontitis.

It is not that just adults suffer from periodontitis; little kids are also susceptible to juvenile periodontitis.
So watch out if your little one is suffering from…

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The symptoms of juvenile periodontal disease!

  • Tender gums, bleeding while brushing
  • Unsupported gums because of gum recession
  • Stubborn bad breath problems in spite of brushing diligently
  • Pus formation between teeth
  • Misalignment of teeth

So the symptoms of periodontitis in kids and adults are almost the same…but the mode of treatment might not be same. But then, only your dentist will able to tell you that – he is the best judge of your dental health after all. So pay him a quick visit whenever you notice one or more symptoms of periodontitis.