If teeth grinding is making your jaws sore and painful, then there’s really no point in torturing yourself any further. Given that there is no specific cause for teeth grinding, your dentist might also find it a little difficult to figure out why you’re suffering from bruxism. Although, it does get simpler if the dentist finds jaw misalignment as the cause of bruxism in you – in which case he will probably give you a mouth guard for teeth grinding.

But that is not the only time when you can get a mouth guard – in fact, if you’ve had previous experience with bruxism, and now someone else in the family is suffering from it – say your kids – then over and above the visit to the dentist, you can always get a mouth guard…

And to that effect we bring you 3 recommendations –each as good as the other…once you give an once-over to all three, you can make up your mind about which suits your purpose better…

#1 Professional Custom Soft Dental Teeth Night Guard Order Dental Lab Direct!

This particular mouth guard is the perfect choice for most – even dentists prescribe this…and what’s more, you can actually get this to manage your bruxism even without having to go to the dentist!

The plus points about this mouth guard include the following:

Made with a material that’s approved by the FDA and doesn’t contain any sort of plasticides or BPA.

The thickness of this mouth guard is about 3 mm. But that’s not all—it’s actually custom made to fit your jaw line perfectly.

You simply provide the impression of your teeth with the teeth impression kit that comes with the package and get your custom made night guard straight from the dental lab!

Sounds good? Then look up what satisfied customers have had to say about this unit on Amazon!

Now if you want a mouth guard that you can wear throughout the day and the night – and not just as a measure against bruxism at night then this should be a great option for you…

#2 Dental Hygiene Preferred Complete Day/Night Mouth Guard Kit, Colors may vary

For one, this is a BPA free mouth guard – one which can be worn throughout the day with the least amount of problems. In fact, once you simply boil it, and effectively sterilize it, you can wear it and forget all about it.

The mouth guard has an excellent fit, regardless of your age, gender, jaw line etc. Kids and adults can both wear this mouth guard – and the easy fit and care instruction make it all the easier!

And they are so sure of the effectiveness of their product that the manufacturers have offered a money back guarantee should you not like the product, or find it ineffective.

To know how effective this mouth guard was for customers, look up the reviews left on Amazon!


And now for the final recommendation…these mouth guards are high on the hygiene quotient – because they are disposable ones…

#3 Plackers Mouth Guard Grind No More Dental Night Protector

One of the first of its kind – it’s good hygiene and cost effectiveness rolled in to one. It’s also a one size fits all solution – needs no –

  • Boiling
  • Cutting
  • Molding

It’s absolutely ready to use out of the box. You can wear each of the 14 disposable units for a maximum time period of three days and then move on to the next one. That way, there is no chance of infection or germs getting accumulated on the mouth guard and you getting ill from it.

These are perfect for maximum comfort for both your grinders and clenchers…

To know more about this unique mouth guard, do look up Amazon…that’s also where you’ll get the shipping details too!

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