Tooth sensitivity is a force to reckon with. It is like your tooth has been put on the rack and is being grilled into…and without any respite. Normally, it is okay to have sensitive teeth because under the dental structure lies thousands of nerve points. So if you have food or drink that is too hot or cold, your teeth will let you know… “IT HURTS!”

But what happens when your teeth keep feeling over sensitive, so much so that it becomes difficult to even talk, because every time the air hits your teeth, it hurts. That is when you should realise that you have hypersensitive teeth and that it is a problem that needs taking care of.

However, to know the cure, you have to figure out the problem first…

What causes your teeth to be so sensitive?

When the softer part of your tooth is exposed – thanks to years of dental decay – the “dentine” or the sensitive part under the enamel comes to the surface. The sensitive nerve points lie just below this layer – and all the protection that the multiple layers of dental structure were offering is gone. The little tubules that lead from the dentine to each nerve end are filled with ‘fluid’ – and every time you eat something hot, cold or sweet, it causes a change in the flow or movement of the fluid. The nerve endings react to this change and you suffer a sharp pain.

How can you tell you are suffering from hypersensitive teeth?


The pain is too sharp to ignore – and your nerves will react to external stimulus. There can be multiple triggers:

  • Thermal triggers – hot and cold food/drinks.
  • Electrical triggers – if you are exposed to electric pulp testers you might feel a sharp pain.
  • Tactile triggers – when your teeth get probed by dental instruments.
  • Osmotic triggers – when you eat sugary foods.
  • Evaporation – when you feel the air blast from a dental instrument directly on your tooth.
  • Chemicals – when your teeth get exposed to acids in food items and during dental treatments.
Plus, dental procedures can also cause tooth sensitivity:

You could experience tooth sensitivity


So there are many reasons why you could have tooth sensitivity – hence the importance of oral care. After all, prevention is better than cure!

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity? – Unravelling The Mystery
Article Name
What Causes Tooth Sensitivity? – Unravelling The Mystery
Have you been feeling like your tooth is being grilled into lately? Find out if it is a case of tooth sensitivity or not.