Grinding your teeth out of anger or frustration is one thing. But when you fall prey to constant teeth grinding that isn’t deliberate, then it is a problem.

Are you wondering – “Why should grinding teeth be a problem?”

Unconscious grinding of teeth can lead to:

  • Fracturing of your teeth
  • Loosening of your dentures
  • Loss of tooth

Plus, you will also suffer from a sore jaw and constant nagging headache. And in severe cases it might affect your hearing ability and the constant grinding of teeth could alter your facial structure!

Given the circumstances, it is rather important to know how to stop teeth grinding.Surely you don’t want to wake up every morning to your beloved’s complaints that you were grinding your teeth all night!

And the best way to combat grinding of teeth is to know what causes it and eliminate the trigger.

But how will you know that your grinding of teeth is a medical condition that needs care?

It is important to figure out if you are suffering from clinical grinding of teeth – Bruxism, as it is known. And only your dentist can help you with that. And once you have figured out that indeed you are suffering from Bruxism, it is time to treat the situation – and guard against teeth grinding with mouth guards. These guard the natural shape of your jaw and correct the defects in the dental structure.

And the sad fact is that Bruxism is not restricted to adults alone, even kids can suffer from this unconscious grinding. And given that their dental structure is still in the process of becoming mature, you should pay more attention to it. You don’t want your child to grow up with a distorted dental structure.

So the next time you grind your teeth – stop and think, is it helping your dental structure at all? All teeth grinding does is cause more problems – both if you are angry and if you have Bruxism!